Trackntrace sponsrar Barncancerfonden

Trackntrace sponsors the Children's Cancer Fund and becomes the active long-term partner of the Ride of Hope.

Childhood Cancer Foundation is run entirely by donations from individuals and businesses, and get no contribution from either the state, municipality or county. Since its startup in 1982, the Children's Cancer Foundation contributes to research in pediatric cancer by more than a billion dollars. The direct contact with cancer-affected children and parents is done through six regional children's cancer clinics. Together, childhood cancer clinics and the Children's Cancer Foundation work effectively with both direct efforts at the local level and with general issues in research, care and education and information.

Ride of Hope is a way to raise money for the fund. Ride of Hope has completed the race Lund to Stockholm since 2008 with great success and the goal has been to build a charity run with much emotion and joy.

Record attempt in Vätternrundan in the fight against childhood cancer.

15-16 June is the 47th edition of the bicycle race Vätternrundan. This year, the Ride of Hope will participate with its own team which includes professional cyclist Magnus Backstedt. The team, Ride of Hope powered by Cycle Components are attempting to break their own records and succeed in riding the entire distance of 300 kilometers in 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Ride of Hope is a bike race that 2012 starts on Saturday 4 August in Lund and end on the 12th of Stockholm, a distance of a total of 1250 kilometers.

Ride any distance between Lund and Stockholm, participate in one or more stages or a portion of a leg. Ride of Hope is a bike race of 1250 km with a lot of commitment and feeling. It lasts for nine summer days and pass five of Sweden's six children's cancer clinics. All you have to do is choose one of these days and how far you want to ride. Why not bring friends or family?

Ride of Hope has during the first 4 years raised over 2.3 million (SEK) to Children's Cancer and had almost 3,000 take-offs.

Trackntrace are proud partners and challenge all customers, partners and suppliers to start in this, Sweden's most important bicycle race!

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