Asset tracking solutions from Trackntrace makes it simple to manage your organization’s valuable assets, from assets, to vehicles, tools, equipment and more. Trackntrace App allows you to instantly locate any asset, eliminating wasted time spent searching for missing items and unnecessary expenses to replace lost assets. Trackntrace asset tracking software features an easy to use interface, keeping the data you need at your fingertips, without unnecessary complexity.


There are times when you need to monitor cargoes, vehicles and their routes. Some valuable shipments or the ones that must be reached within a certain time range need to be controlled in case something goes wrong and the consignment has to be returned quickly. This service is often used for shipments of economic value such as electronics and key components for the manufacturing industry as well as shipments where time is relevant, for example for organ transplant transportation and greengrocery shipments.


Trackntrace has developed a product called Safetypack for customers who are transporting goods and need to get updated in real time where the goods are. The customer places a Trakker in the goods and has a possibility to track the location of the package through our portal. This gives our clients time to plan for transfer and receipt of goods at any time.


Our company offer unique products for the transportation of goods that can be easily stolen. We provide the possibility to track them through our portal at any time. Trackntrace develops tailored solutions for the transportation industry, and we are constantly adjusting our web-site to work with our customers' existing IT systems. The Trakker’s small size makes it easy to hide it in cargo so that only the recipient and the sender will know its location.