The company’s environmental plan impact our surroundings. We want to show that it is not only necessary to consider the environment, we also want to show that it pays in the long run. We do not manufacture any products. But it does not mean we can not influence. We are in constant dialogue with our suppliers and manufacturers. Anyone who wants to create a product that does not harm the environment has to think about recycling at the design table. This is where the product is formed, equipped and given its final composition. Already at this stage determine which plastics and components to include in the new product, which ensures the best possible position for recovery and reuse. Our environmental focus is not just about product creation, manufacture and expiry. We want them to be kinder to the environment during the time they are used.

The environment requires cooperation, we believe that cooperation between people, companies, industries and countries is the best path to the future environment.

Trackntrace environmental plan includes all of these points from the manufacture, production, packaging for retrieval and recycling.