See vehicle activity in real-time, as it happens — from any computer, smart phone or tablet. All fleet activity is stored securely in the database and can be exported at any time. Look at historical activity to see where your vehicles were and what they were doing.

Trackntrace uses live tracking. Unlike passive tracking or data loggers, vehicles report activity in real-time, as it happens, over-the-air. Coverage is excellent almost everywhere in the world and in our standard package the coverage is well over 40 countries as standard. (see coverage map). Nowadays Trackntrace solutions are widely used by individuals, companies and state institutions in various areas worldwide. The most common applications are:


A Trackntrace Trakker is equipped with an alarm button and a function to set an electronic fence around it. The alarm function is often used by staff travelling on business on their own and persons working late in the evening or travelling to remote locations. In case of emergency a report is sent directly to our central office where we can track the location of your unit at any time. The alarm function is also widely used by companies and organizations that have vehicles in motion. These customers are able to control the location of their vehicle in case of any problem at any time.


With a Trakker in the vehicle, our customers get a fast and efficient overview, all units are located at all time. With the Trackntrace web site and the integrated maps you can easily control and direct the right resource to the right event, thus saving time, money and the environment. When the vehicles are not used and within a Geofence the customers get instant feedback if the vehicle is moved after working hours.

Why track your fleet?

Reduce costs
When companies start using vehicle tracking, fleet operating costs drops. Why: Tracking brings accountability, which improves driver behaviour, reduces labour costs (lateness, overbilling) and retains revenue.

Increase safety
With vehicle tracking, the issue of speeding — during work hours or off hours — disappears. If our clients want to our system can retains a permanent historical record of vehicle activity, which contributes to good driving behaviour.

Improve productivity
With vehicle tracking, drivers are more punctual. Jobs are started and completed on time. You always know where your units are, where they were, and for how long. In the event of a dispute, vehicle tracking provides irrefutable proof of work.

Good for the environment
Fleet tracking reduces speeding and unnecessary vehicle usage — thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. With vehicle tracking, what's good for business is also good for the environment.

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